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Our Services - Foster and Rehabilitation

Foster care is one of the critical stages of rescued wildlife when they have been found to be injured, dehydrated or in a conflict which can sometimes be human-wildlife conflict as well. The key is to understand the responsiveness and immediately take the wildlife to a veterinarian. We are blessed to have two expert vets working with us, Dr. Rina Dev from Dr. Rina Dev’s Animal and Bird Clinic, Bandra, and Dr. Priti Sathe, Vikhroli. An appropriate prescription along with the prognosis is given immediately and the rescuer brings the wildlife to the specified fosterer. On the basis of the prognosis, now the animal is taken care of for a minimum of 1 day to sometimes well beyond 3 months. The medications, correct diet and 24x7 care are undertaken by the fosterers.

Amongst the common species that come for fostering are:
  • Black kites
  • Indian star tortoises
  • squirrels
  • sparrows
  • boas
  • macaques
  • turtles
  • owls
  • parakeets, etc.