Learn More about RAWW

What WE Do..?

WE work for the protection and conservation of wildlife by spreading awareness and information about the need and importance of the same. The main aim for awareness is to reduce the Human-Wildlife conflict in the best possible way. Every year thousands of people are victim of Snake bites more than any other wildlife, so spreading maximum awareness about them, their rescue and rehabilitation and basic first aid tips in a snake bite case.

What Service WE Provide..?

WE provides a 24x7 service in any wildlife emergency. WE educate people regarding environment conservation and its importance to lead a better life with the help of members and volunteers who wish to support and work with us. WE also carry out interactive sessions, lectures, nature trails with help of experts of concerned fields.

What is our Aim..?

Our aim is to highlight the problems regarding wild kinds and finding / providing appropriate satisfactory solutions for the same. Eradicate the rituals, misbelieves and blind faiths about snakes , animals and birds with scientifically proved facts. All legal steps and deeds for betterment, safety and development of society plus protection, conservation and welfare of wildlife and nature.