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How did we create an impact?

Every year we rescue over 1000 wild animals/birds/reptiles in and around Mumbai. Between October to December, 2018 alone we successfully rescued 332 wild animals/birds/reptiles. You can read our full year RAWW Rescue Reports here.

RAWW impact stories:
#DoNotFeedWildlife campaign:
n 2018, RAWW was one of the first organizations to bring to the notice of the authorities regarding seagulls being fed with harmful farsans. The matter quickly escalated and the authorities posted guards at Marine Drive to prevent citizens from feeding farsans to the seagulls. You can read about it here.
Taking note of our efforts, honourable Minister Finance And Planning Forests, Mr Sudhir Mungantiwar appreciated our campaign #DoNotFeedWildlife. You can read the full letter here.

+Keeping a check on wildlife trafficking trends:
In 2018, RAWW participated in over four Indian Pangolin rehabilitation exercises with the Maharashtra Police and Forest Department. Pangolins are globally endangered , threatened and the most trafficked species because of the high demand of their scales, body parts and meat. The rehabilitation exercises involved daily feeding, medical examination under proper care and observation. You can read the full story here.

+Project Raahat- Kerala Floods:
In August, RAWW participated in a joint rescue operation with AWAAZ and Thane SPCA to provide essential relief materials and medicines for the flood affected animals and their care givers in Kerala. All of us collectively rescued over 300 animals. You can read the full story here.