FAQs for membership details
How can I contribute to RAWW?
How can I join RAWW?

The About Us section will provide you a brief of different agendas & teams working in RAWW. If you are looking for volunteering/internship, contact us on this email id. We would love to collaborate with like minded individuals

What should be my course of action upon finding an (injured) wild animal?

Firstly, do not provoke/attack/feed the animal, however dangerous/quiet it may seem. Distance yourself and other people from the animal. Call our helpline - 7666680202 or any other active NGO around your surrounding and let them know the situation and condition of the animal. Cooperate with the animal rescuer who arrives at the site

What precautions should I undertake to minimize human-wildlife conflict?

Keep your home as well as your surroundings clean. Do not feed, farsan especially, to any wild animal/bird. Do not spread and believe in superstitions. And help create awareness among the common masses. You can gather more information about it in the Awareness section of the website.