About Us
About Us

Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare:
Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW) is a registered Non- Governmental Organization registered under the ‘Societies Act’ of 1860. This organization is the end result of a Strong Team of Like Minded Souls who come from different walks of life and have pledged to work for Urban Wildlife Welfare. The Main Aim of RAWW is to work towards reduction of human wildlife conflicts, conduct Scientific, Skilled and Ethical of Urban Wild Kinds by following each and every legal protocol. Yet another most important focus in the same line of action is to Motivate Co – Existence by reaching out to menfolk with Information & Awareness about Environment, Wildlife and its Conservation

RAWW’s logo is an ideogram, a symbol that defines our vision while juxtaposing Mother Earth’s current state. A black sphere outlined by a green strip. If we look at it from the angle of mankind’s legacy, we see darkness engulf the green, Nature, swallowing and spreading from the inside. The future, if the current scenario persists, may rightly remember our species as the ‘amazingly clever, yet utterly foolish two-legged apes’.

But we hope, with all our might and courage, to counter our wrongdoings by working together. The green strip is the beginning which will magically spread and make Mother Earth alive again! We work hard everyday, with hope in our eyes, for this is the future that we need, and which all living beings rightly deserve.