RAWW Impact


Sept 2019

The lost warrior!
  • Mumbai

This underwater video will make your day! Irrespective of the fact that she has lost her flipper and may never ever return back to the wild. The spirit of this marine reptile will win your heart

You will see her will to survive which can be seen in the video when she is taking offered food, whereas in maximum cases such species who rule the Oceans stop eating due to captivity stress.

This female Olive Ridley Sea Turtle was rescued earlier this month from Versova beach with a critically injured flipper which got detached before she was rescued and is currently being treated by us Hats Off to Dr. Rina and her clinic team along with our team who are working hard day and night to help this beautiful turtle.

With almost no infrastructure, facility and limited resources for Wildlife in one of the top rich cities of this country we are trying our best to involve and help the state authorities in rescue, treatment and conservation of these Marine Wildkinds We urge you all to get involved and be a part in some or the other way and support #RAWW

PS The clear water is not fresh water , its converted into Marine Water with Marine Salt

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