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May 2018

Seagulls back to normal Diet
  • Marine Drive

When good intentions have bad consequences! and sometimes very bad. It has been observed that people love feeding animals and birds which in turn makes them feel good but factually does a lot of bad. The point we have to make is feeding the right thing to the right animal or bird is something which must be considered by feeders. In this case, people are feeding hundreds of KGs of Namkeen food to Seagulls which are migratory species of marine wildlife. This feed is not just harmful for their digestive systems and health but also is diverting their food preferences and manipulating their wild instincts. One question which may arise is why do they eat if its not their food. There can be multiple reasons, one common is their animal instincts of being opportunistic. But in the long run it’s going to impact their lives - health, digestion, immunity and much more.

To counter these situations, our founder, Pawan Sharma, Honorary Wildlife Warden wrote a complaint letter to Mangrove Cell specifying the need to prevent such acts which may harm wildlife. Subsequently the Mangrove Cell took upon necessary action and penalized feeding to seagulls with additional patrolling at Nariman Point.

Our efforts were commended by Shri Sudhir Mungantiwar, Minister, Financing and Planning, Forests.
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