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RAWW Impact


Aug 2019

Mumbai Macaques are in trouble because of our actions.
  • Mumbai

7 ft Python trapped between a huge pile of wood rescued in Mulund An Indian Rock Python (7 ft. approx) trapped between a huge pile of wood was rescued by our team from Mulund West earlier this week. The workers who had gathered at the spot to collect and transport the woodpile to a nearby bakery first noticed the Python moving around the smaller wood stack.

They immediately contacted our helpline and our team members Joaquim Naik and Omsi Para reached the spot to assess the situation.

After a few minutes, they now spotted the python stuck between the lower part of the woodpile.

The heavy woodpile was over 8 ft and after careful inspection of the situation, our team members started clearing the wood logs to reach the python.

Sixty minutes into the rescue, our team finally cleared the heavy logs to reach towards the direction where the constrictor was trapped. The Python was safely rescued, had no external injuries and was released back into its natural habitat.

Spotting snakes in the woodpile is common as it is dry, dark and safe hideout space for any snake or rodent.

Keeping your surroundings clean is the one-point solution to avoid such conflict as the snakes are spotted at such spaces while chasing the rodents.

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