RAWW Impact


Aug 2018

Project RAAHAT
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra

On 22nd August, a 9 member team of animal rescuers representing the three organisations – AWAAZ, RAWW and Thane SPCA - left from Mumbai for Kerala with essential relief materials and medicines for the flood affected animals and their care givers in Kerala. Having set up our base camp at Irrinjalakuda , between 24th and 31st August, the team networked and reached out to more than 350 animals in the areas of Kochi, Irrinjalakuda, Kochi, Ernakulam, Muvattapuza, Vittila, Kannamally, Allepy, Thrissur, Kottayam and surrounding areas. A tonne of dry food for animals, medicines and medical consumables, food for the care givers and essential relief material was shared with our Keralite friends. Other than this our teams assisted the native teams in rescue, examination, treatment and rehabilitation of animals wherever required. We assisted the state administration while releasing people in the relief camps back to their homes by performing house checks, to avoid human reptile conflict. Similar activities were conducted in nearby educational institute and other human dominant areas.

Our teams also rescued a pair of Civet cats trapped in a garage after floods , which were handed over to the Kerala forest department for further rehab. Thane SPCA, AWAAZ and RAWW are indebted to their donors, Virat Kholi Foundation, Kiran Mehta and Co and Help Animals India, for enabling the success of this operation.
We are also profoundly moved with their counterparts in Kerala who refused to choose to be rescued and stayed back with their animals in lieu of safety. Hats off to the people in Kerala!