RAWW Impact


Jan 2020

Pangolin Rescued after Anti-Poaching Operation with Police & Forest Department
  • Vashi

An Indian Pangolin was seized by Vashi Police Station in a joint operation with the Thane Forest Department and RAWW.

Two poachers were caught while trying to sell a live Pangolin in Vashi near a famous hotel.

Post seizure the mammal was handed over to RAWW for its medical examination and further care.

Medical examination revealed that the animal was completely dehydrated and traumatized due to travel and captivity stress with minor injuries.

It was hydrated and treated for the injuries by Dr. Rina, Dr. Rani and our rescue team.

X Rays and cytology tests were normal.

After allowing it to settle for a day it was then taken to SGNP Sanjay Gandhi National Park for natural feeding.

The animal is active and behaving normal indicating itself fit to be released back to its natural habitat.

A microchip will be inserted in the animal after which it will be ready to be released.

Pangolins are one of the most endangered and threatened species which have the highest level of protection status in India.

It is protected in Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

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