RAWW Impact


Oct 2018

Indian Pangolin seized by Thane Crime Branch
  • Thane

An Indian Pangolin was seized by the Thane Crime Branch of Maharashtra Police while reacting to a tip off from their sources. The animal was being sold for 40 lakh's by two people who were detained by the Police and will be produced to the court tomorrow in violation of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. These are one of the top protected species in the country and most trafficked species in the world. Soon after the seizure the Forest Department was informed and handed over the custody of the animal. RAWW and Thane SPCA helped the Police and the Forest Department in initiating the further actions which included conducting medical examination and further upkeep of the animal. The female Pangolin weighted 9.1Kgs and was observed to be in captivity stress and dehydrated for which it was stableized and given necessary treatment at Thane SPCA's emergency hospital facility with help of Dr. Latika , Dr. Bajirao and support staff assisted by Rescue Team Members of RAWW and Manoj Pardeshi from Thane Forest Department. It was declared fit to be released into its natural habitat in next 24 hours and the same will be done after informing the court and taking necessary permissions. Its currently under the custody of the Forest Department in continuous supervision and observation with help of TSPCA and RAWW. This is the 6th live Pangolin since last year in and around Thane and Panvel. They are in great demand in the black market for their meat and scales.