RAWW Impact


Dec 2019

#Notyourpet - Let's hope they make it to the wild!
  • Bengaluru

The 5 wild birds and 4 reptiles rescued by the Thane Forest Department and members of the Save Wildlife Organization is now under our observation.

A team of over 15, including our rescue team members, veterinarians and volunteers are monitoring their health 24/7, providing them with their required feed and necessary care.

On Tuesday, responding to a tip off, the Thane Territorial Wing of the State Forest Department arrested a man from Bengaluru who was poaching these wild birds and reptiles via train to Mumbai.

All the wild birds and reptiles are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

They were handed over to us at RAWW for medical observation, treatment and rehabilitation.

Our team members Dr Rina Dev assisted by Dr Rani and Rescue Team Member Joaquim Naik with other team members initiated a detailed medical examination of the birds and reptiles.

Common symptoms in all the birds and reptiles were captive stress, severe dehydration, trauma, infection, injuries due to travel and transport in inhumane and unhygienic conditions.

They are currently under observation and treatment after which they will undergo rehabilitation in coordination with the Forest Department.