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Sept 2019

Mirchi Mumbai's appeal to #SaveTheMonkey successful!
  • Mumbai

Mirchi Mumbai's appeal to #SaveTheMonkey successful!
Radio is indeed a powerful medium. Read how a listener's call on Jeeturaaj's show helped us rescue an injured monkey

An injured bonnet macaque was rescued from a residential area in Mulund West after a radio listener reported the case on Jeeturaaj's show Hi Mumbai on a Monday morning.

Our helplines started buzzing with calls to #SaveTheMonkey as several listener friends of Jeeturaaj expressed concern for the injured macaque.

Our team member Pawan Sharma immediately assigned a rescue team to attend the case on a priority basis.

Upon reaching the spot, our team found the macaque leaning against the gate, howling in pain.

Our team members Anil Bhalerao and Ritu Sharma skillfully and safely rescued the macaque and it was taken to Thane SPCA for further treatment.

The primate was medically examined and provided with necessary treatment by Dr. Priti Sathe and staff members at TSPCA.

The mammal is now stable and under observation with the Forest Department.

We would like to thank Jeeturaaj Rj and his listener friends for helping us save the distressed monkey.

Please note in case of any wildlife emergency contact 1926 (Hello Forest Helpline Number) and press 9 when the IVR starts to obtain the numbers of the nearest wildlife rescue team.