RAWW Impact


Nov 2019

Meet Mayuri
  • Mumbai

Mayuri, the peahen was rescued from Raj Bhavan after she survived falling off from 1st floor followed by attacks of the community cats.

She was rescued by Shubham Bendre who immediately contacted Vinita Kalgutkar who then referred the case to us for further post-rescue treatment and care.

Dr Rina Dev and her team immediately provided her with the necessary medical assistance and aid.

The peahen is still recuperating as she is unable to stand or walk for a long time and limps while walking.

Mayuri is currently under our foster care receiving her daily post-rescue treatment and care. A team of over 10 rescue team members along with several other volunteers are closely monitoring her health every single day.

The team is taking care of her feed, medications and walking exercise daily.

Watch out this space to track Mayuri's progress.

And let's hope for the best!

#Rescue #Conserve #Coexist

(Please note: We do not call any wildlife by any names under our foster care. The name is used only to inform our readers and well-wishers about the case and to maintain and track the documentation for the specific case.)