RAWW Impact


Nov 2019

Meet Mr Grey!
  • Mulund

Grey was rescued by a young boy along with the forest department from a railway track in Mulund West.

Even after multiple attempts, Grey could not be reunited with his parent/s and is now under our foster care. The first three months of mongoose pup's life is very crucial as recent research suggests that the pups pick up forage skills by observing their mentor.

What is interesting to note is that this mentor is not its immediate parent but any senior mongoose from their community. They choose and cling onto their mentors for at least three months until they are capable enough to find food on their own. Our foster team is ensuring that Grey receives 24/7 attention and activities are planned on a daily basis to help sharpen his forage skills to and make him independent enough to go back into the wild.

#Rescue #Conserve #Coexist

Photo by Chinmay Joshi

(Please note: We do not call any wildlife by any names under our foster care. The name is used only to inform our readers and well-wishers about the case and to maintain and track the documentation for the specific case.)