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July 2019

Flooding in Mumbai
  • Mumbai

Mumbaikars and RAWW rescue 15+ wildlife in 8 hours.

Its been a tough day for all of us at RAWW. Starting early morning our helplines started buzzing with several distress calls.

Battling through the water-logged and almost flooded areas, our rescue team members spent the entire day on field trying their best to save our city wildlife.

But what is heartening to see is the sensitivity of Mumbaikars who went out of their way to save and secure the city wildlife. Responsible citizens such as Shivam Gupta waded through the rain water from Kanjurmarg to Mulund to drop two rescued Black Kites at our office.

While the local fishermen, Seema Tania ma'am, Jyoti Nadkarni ma'am, Sunil Agarwal Sir and his team safely secured the painted stork bird until our ambulance reached the location to help further.

At the same time, Afroz Shah alongwith other active animal welfare volunteer Durgesh and his team safely rescued a flamingo and handed it over to us for further treatment.

On the other hand, Mr Makhija and his family have been giving shelter to a cattle egret drenched in the rain since yesterday. A big big shoutout to all our rescue team members for almost risking their lives, spending hours and hours on the water-logged roads to save that one wildlife.

That's the spirit of Mumbai! We do care for our all our animals and birds.

This is the biggest example of coexistence.

Photo credits: Jyoti Nadkarni, Sunil Agarwal Durgesh, Mr Makhija, Shivam Gupta

Currently all are under our foster care for further treatment and rehabilitation until fit for release.
A quick list of today's rescues:
4 Black Kites (Bhandup, Kanjur, Powai.)
2 Indian Cobras (Mulund, Powai)
1 Barn Owl (Mulund)
1 Wolf Snake (Mulund)
3 Checkered Keelback water snake (Mulund)
1 Flamingo (Andheri)
1 Indian Rock Python
1 Painted Stork (Navi Mumbai)
1 Russell's Viper (Mulund)
1 Cattle Egret (Thane)
1 crow (Mulund)
1pigeon (Mulund)

#Rescue #Conserve #Coexist.