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Aug 2019

Mumbai Macaques are in trouble because of our actions.
  • Mumbai

Mumbai Macaques are in trouble because of our actions.

In the last 12 days, we have rescued over 5 macaques in Mumbai.

Right from suffering burn injuries due to electrocution to severe fractures due to falling off buildings or being physically assaulted by residents, the macaques in Mumbai are having a tough time.

"Raju babu" as the locals fondly call him was mauled by a pack of over 8 dogs at a pada near Yogi Hills. He was rescued by our team members Anil Bhalerao and Ritu Sharma on 25th August.

The abandoned baby monkey would regularly visit pada homes and the locals started feeding it.

Over months the macaque would hang in there, tease and play with locals and the community dogs until one day when a pack of dogs attacked the baby.

As a result, it suffered multiple bites and is currently admitted at Thane SPCA for further treatment.

This is the other side of the human-wildlife conflict; when our unintentional actions fuel the conflict.

On the other side of the fence, of course, everyday we receive at least 10-12 calls on our helpline to "catch" monkeys "creating menace" in the residential areas around Mulund, Bhandup, Goregaon and Borivali.

It is high time that residents of these areas realize that they are sitting on the habitat of these primates. And the only solution is to learn to coexist with them!

Capturing an animal from an area removes the animal but when the condition of such places remain same which are favourable then there are high chances of other animals occupying that space and ending up into a similar or even worse situation.

What we see or witness is not the whole story and thus evaluation of the situation is a must before taking action. However, putting pressure on the department and the rescuers often lead to random capture and releases which has the potential of escalating the human-wildlife conflict.

The primates are shuttling for space as much as we are. Let us be considerate and learn to coexist with them!

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