RAWW Impact


Feb 2019

Agni's Road to Recovery
  • Mankhurd, Maharashtra

AGNI IS FIGHTING BACK! A few days ago when Agni, the female macaque was rescued in Mankhurd by a group of auto drivers, our faith in humanity was restored. Their timely intervention in not only rescuing but also taking her to Dr. Rina Dev's Animal & Bird Clinic *saved* Agni's life. It has not been an easy journey for Agni. She was electrocuted and we feared that she may lose her eyesight forever. But Agni didn't give up! With Dr. Rina's guidance our rescue team members Pawan Sharma and Hasmukh Valanju provided Agni with daily care and medication. With proper medication and daily treatment, Agni is now fighting back and showing positive signs of recovery. She is currently recovering under our foster care facility and is on a stable (mixed fruit) diet. A rescue begins with a distress call but doesn't end there. The most important part of any rescue is proper rehabilitation. As an organization working for wildlife welfare we are often asked, "how can a layman or ordinary citizen conserve wildlife?" The answer to this is, you don't need to be a conservationist to conserve wildlife. When you call us to report about an animal in distress, it is your first step towards conservation. Wildlife conservation is not just a scientific approach to protect species from getting extinct, but also to give equal attention to the entire ecosystem. Let us start with our surrounding just like the group of auto drivers did. Sometimes a timely intervention can save a wild-life and thereby indirectly you conserve wildlife.

It's been almost 40 days! Agni is inching closer towards her release. She is under our foster care. Agni has almost recovered from all her burn injuries and trauma she had to go through post electrocution. A big thank you to all the people, well-wishers and supporters of Agni who through their prayers and goodwill have contributed towards her recovery. Since a lot of us have tracked her story closely, Agni will soon be live here on Facebook and Instagram before her release. Stay tuned to see her live and bid adieu Agni will all our good wishes and positivity.