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Mumbai is called the richest city of the country economically at the same time it has one of the best set of ecosystems within , which includes forests, mangroves , marine ,fresh water and other small green patches which displays a collection of wild kinds like leopards, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, resident / migratory birds and so on which makes Mumbai rich and diverse. But as we observe that majority of the human actions (pollution, construction, reclamation and so on) have only leaded to the degradation and destruction of these ecosystems and the time which it supports. We are working to reduce of their threats and restore the damage already done. So come and join us to perform actions that leads us to generate a feeling of co-existence between human and wildlife.

Today our aim is to motivate , support and participate in wildlife welfare and conservation. And also encourage and educate citizens of mumbai, make them understand the importance and need of conservation for a balanced environment leading to a better future.
" Nature is wild and we are Resqink Association Wildlife Welfare"



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Resqink Association Wildlife Welfare (RAWW) got officially registered on January 5 th 2013. Initially it was a small group of few young wildlife lovers from different steams of life. It started from rescue of reptiles and birds in distress or causing distress to humans mainly from residential and commercial areas of mumbai, soon the team registered with the forest department and started working volunteerly under their scanner for the betterment of wildkinds.

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