Our services for human wildlife conflict management!

  • Conducting 24x7 reptile rescues to reduce human reptile conflict which is the largest urban wildlife conflict. This is done by following all legal protocols.
  • Providing free volunteer services to various government departments like Forest, Police, Air force, Navy, Municipal corporation during wildlife distress situations.
  • Conducting interactive awareness sessions with educational institutions to motivate young generation to participate in wildlife conservation activities.
  • Conducting scientific study and research on environment and wildlife to add up to the existing information about them.

Monkey Rescue

We are not pests! We are protected species.

In a survey that we conducted, we asked people on their views on snakes - we got similar answers from majority of people. Snakes are regarded as pests by many, and people still feel that they should be killed,burnt and so on. This program is to make people aware that the species of snakes in our country are all protected under the wildlife protection act 1972. Regarding them as pests, killing them, catching them in the forest areas, or capturing them without intimating the forest department / without relevant permit ( if rescuer then importance and compulsion of maintaining attested records of forest department), keeping them as pets, exchanging them, using them to earn money(includes selling any of their product milking / selling venom / skin) are all illegal activities and one can be booked for an offense if found performing such tasks. We also make people aware on the importance of snakes & their importance in maintaining the ecosystem and environment. Who is a rescuer and what are the protocols for one. ethics of rescues and the importance of maintaining transparency. Human activities have always created threat for wildlife and our initiative aims to protect the wild and mankind from being exploited. We aim to reach out to a vast number of citizens and provide them with the right knowledge so as human-wildlife conflicts can be minimal, and also to help, support and motivate all our citizens to maintain a feeling of co-existence and sharing all the resources of mother earth with our wondrous wild.

Our actions should not lead to natures destruction.

This is an initiative to practice,preach and motivate- the use of environment friendly products especially during Indian festivals in which many idols are immersed in water. We are monitoring few water bodies of the city including the one @ SGNP (Sanjay Gandhi National Park) - our aim is to study and find the facts and figures which indicate the negative impact of pollutants that enter water by the devotees. And also to find the various species of plants, amphibians, animals, birds, etc. which are affected - at priority the aquatic life which are affected. We strive to discover some solutions and alternatives to overcome the problem. We will be soon revealing the report on our pages. Let’s get together and be a part of the solution, and not that of a problem.

Fighting forest fire.

A defined forest like SGNP Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a protected forest. Every year it witnesses man made fire which leads to the destruction of the habitat of many of the species, we volunteer and help the forest department in overcoming these fires and thus contributing as responsible citizens towards the green areas of the city.

Small bird shelter initiative.

Bird shelter made of waste plastic cans with an aim to support and participate and conduct the conservation of local species of small birds.

Management During Human-Wildlife Conflicts

We are dealing with various issues regarding the Human-Wildlife conflict in Mumbai. Which is Rescue/release/treatment of wild animals with concerned authorities, Conducting visits and surveys at various places where conflicts have happened or can happen, we also help in spreading awareness to people regarding wild animals, and also help the city during snake bite cases.

Bird rescues.

Rescue - treatment - release of injured / De-hydrated birds.

Snake awareness

Spreading awareness about snake rescue , snake bite/treatment. Need of conservation and protection.